Are there certain things that make you crazy? Where you feel powerless to do anything about it? While I have been heartened by some recent events that give me hope for the future, I continue to be horrified and baffled at the violence and destructive actions so many human beings perpetrate on other living beings, be they human, animal or nature.

As a One on the Enneagram – a system of nine fundamental personality types – I pretty much want to rule the world. One’s are known as Reformers, with a high tendency for perfectionism. These days I say I’m a recovering perfectionist, so I have a good handle on that part of myself. What’s harder is to see behavior I deem harmful, completely unnecessary, and the opposite of what will bring anyone actual fulfillment in life, and not get upset.

Then there is the personal stuff. For me it’s dealing with a botched knee replacement and having to face the same surgery on my other knee.  My avoidance has only caused me more pain, both physical and emotional.

When you cannot control the world or go back in time to fix a wrong, how do you function as your best self? Live your best life?

You can be in dominion of your personal space. We all occupy space in the world. Where you have absolute power is the choices you make within that space. The trick is to create a space in which you can make the optimal choice at any given time.

Quantum physics has proved that we are made of energy. Besides creating the “matter” of us, this energy radiates out from our bodies. We commonly refer to this as an aura and Krilian photography captures this energy. If you’ve ever felt better – or worse – when in the presence of a particular person, you have experienced the impact of this energy. The really cool thing is that you have the ability to affect this energy intentionally.

Of all the benefits Emotional Intelligence delivers, the ability to be in charge of your experience and make choices that are for your highest benefit top the list. To this end, I offer up the idea of creating a Zone of Autonomy, a personal space in which you can create peace. And from that peace, you can have a great deal more personal power.

Join me on December 12th for a free half-hour live webinar, Creating Personal Peace,  where I will offer tools to develop your own Zone of Autonomy and create personal peace.

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~ Joie