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Fulfill Your Ambitions with Grace and Power

You have a strong understanding of what your talents are, and what you are capable of. You believe in yourself and have accomplished a lot despite the obstacles.
Yet you can be plagued by self-criticism and self-doubt.
Or there are people or issues at work that drive you crazy, and you feel stuck.
If you want change to happen, it is up to you. You can’t rely on others, at least not until you can inspire and lead them directly or indirectly.
When you change your perspective, silence the inner judge, and embrace your value, those around you will respond. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

“Jane” suffered panic attacks in reaction to her hyper-critical manager. An international expert in her field, she had never been treated this way, especially not by another woman. With coaching and new tools to ground and communicate, she set an appointment with her manager to have an honest conversation. That day she was able to pivot the relationship, and her manager eventually became her mentor, even helping Jane get a better position at a different company.

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A new paradigm is at hand


It is no longer enough for women to just get equal pay, we must have equal say and influence. The quickest way for that to happen is to identify and release old, embedded beliefs and cultural conditioning based on a system in which women had little to no influence. Then take action.

Even the most progressive organizations need help in creating lasting change. You can be the help they need.

Joie can help you break through the barriers and guide you in creating the joyful success you desire.

Would you like a champion to help you:

Be seen and heard at work?

Turn your emotions into your greatest allies?

Clarify the priorities and actions needed to succeed?

Learn how to have difficult conversations?

Liberate your creativity to go beyond where you've been?

Forge professional relationships that support your goals?


What Clients Are Saying

"I came to Joie to improve my job performance and to learn how to control my anger and anxiety in the workplace. Now I'm calmer and more poised. I was always good at leading my teams, but my ability to communicate with my peers and boss has improved tremendously. I have been included more in decision-making and am being promoted to a role that is exactly what I have wanted and with a great deal of authority. I feel confident. I have also had great gains in using strategies and approaches that Joie taught me in my interactions with my aging mother. She taught me about boundaries and ways to communicate."

T.S., VP Fortune 500, Banking Industry

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