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Inspiring people in all walks of life to be the master of their own fate through emotion education and mastery.

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Popular Topics

  • Making Emotions at Work – Work!
  • #1 Myth About Emotions that Holds Us Back
  • The Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership
  • Where Men Go Wrong About Women’s Emotions
  • Coping with COVID: How to Build Up and Not Burn Out
  • How Leaders Miss the Mark About Emotional Intelligence

Your audience will learn:

  • The top three myths about emotions that diminish one’s quality of life

  • What emotions actually are, and why it matters

  • The link between emotions and mental and physical health

  • One to three coping strategies

  • Tools for successful communication 

Potential Questions to Guide our conversation:

  • Why does this work matter so deeply to you, Joie?
  • What got you started in this work?
  • Why is it more important than ever before?
  • What does it cost people if they don’t develop emotional agility?
  • Can you share a story of someone who advanced dramatically?
  • Can you define emotions for us?
  • How do you measure Emotional Intelligence?
  • What are the most common misunderstanding people have about emotions?

        Emotional Intelligence Master Trainer and author of EMOTIONS: An Owner’s Manual, Joie Seldon has taught 1000’s of executives, creative professionals and women not satisfied with the status quo how to advance their careers, manage family dramas and fulfill ambitions. Her ability to break down the complex world of emotions into easy-to-understand and actionable concepts and tools brings life-changing results and rave reviews.

        A former acting and improv teacher and somatic therapist, Joie offers a highly accessible and fun approach to harnessing the most underutilized yet powerful resources we have – our emotions. Her EMOTIONS AT WORK course draws students around the world.

        Master emotion educator and dynamic speaker, Joie Seldon is the author of EMOTIONS: An Owner’s Manual and creator of EMOTIONS AT WORK online course. She’s coached and educated 1000’s around the world, debunking myths that hold us back and providing easy-to-apply emotion management tools. She holds an MA in Somatic Psychology.

        Author, EMOTIONS: An Owner’s Manual

        People know more about how their phones work than how their emotions work. This lack of knowledge, which often has unintended negative consequences, has a solution. Joie Seldon, an innovative expert in Emotional Intelligence and Leadership skills, put decades of study and experience with emotions into her book EMOTIONS: An Owner’s Manual.

        Having presented to thousands worldwide, Joie engages audiences with humor while making this complex topic accessible, practical and fun. Her unique approach grew out of 30 years of studying human behavior, a master’s degree in Somatic Counseling Psychology, years of coaching business professionals and 25 years as a professional actor, improviser and acting teacher.

        Joie has a simple yet profound way of debunking the misconceptions about emotions that stand in the way of people creating the success and fulfillment they crave and deserve. She has brought her knowledge to clients at Wells Fargo, NASA, Blue Shield, Dolby, and more, teaching professional and business owners how to use Emotional Intelligence as a powerful tool for creating not only success but fulfillment and joy in their life and career.

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