As I write this, it is November 6th, election day in the US. It is hours before the results will be in. Even though you will know the results by the time you read this, I want to ask the question “what’s next?” before I know how things turn out. Whether the candidates, measures or propositions you or I support win or lose, how do you/I want to BE about it in the long run?

How much power are you going give to your feelings about the results? If you got what you wanted, of course you are happy, even elated. Great. Now what? How does the meaning of what happened inform your actions?

If you didn’t get what you wanted, are you moaning and complaining. If so, how can you sit with the meaning of that and make a conscious decision based on your internal truth and values?

As much as I preach that emotions are bringing you important information, it is important to recognize that all emotions are subjective. Our beliefs and any conditioning that we have yet to release are impacting our emotional responses.

Fear and anger are particularly vulnerable to outside influences. It is your responsibility to be aware of not just what you are feeling, but whether that emotion is based on your core values and a connection to your True Self? Or, are they part of the collective mindset? (Also known as the collective unconscious.)

What I have found very helpful when I get “emotional” about what’s going on in my country is to stop, pull my attention into the here and now and sense a bubble of protection around me. Then I get in touch with what I truly believe, that no matter how bleak things appear, that we humans are on an evolutionary path. We are figuring out who and what we are as we move through time and space.  I ground myself by sensing the earth beneath me, and, for me, my connection to Spirit.

Emotions are a great gift but they are not meant to run the show. Be mindful of your emotions, but be the one who makes the choices.