• Elevate Your Leadership Skills

    Reach your full potential and experience personal satisfaction and more enjoyment in the workplace.

  • Emotional Intelligence-Based Professional Development  

    My approach to Professional Development Coaching includes the important aspects of clarifying goals, building your skills, and a strategy to get where you want to go. It also includes one of the most valuable resource you can have as a business professional  . . . Emotional Intelligence.

    Did you know that when you have dominion over the full range of your emotions…

    • Work and personal relationships improve
    • Stress and upsets are managed with more ease
    • Your self-confidence and self-esteem skyrocket
    • You accelerate advancement in your career or business
    • Life becomes infinitely more satisfying, fulfilling and fun

    It’s true! I’ve seen it happen, and this is why I’m a Leadership Development Coach of a different sort.

    I train leaders to utilize an invaluable resource that is often neglected in their schooling, training, and professional development -- emotions.

    I am an expert in the field of Emotional Intelligence, and the unique system I have created guides my clients through understanding, embracing, and learning from the full range of their emotions. The result? Freer, richer, more satisfying and successful professional and personal lives.

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  • Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others. It can be the most challenging aspect of business one must deal with, especially since it is widely held that emotions don't belong in business, an attitude that costs companies untold amounts of profit. 

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  • Professional development is both an outside and an inside job. Knowing what you want and having a game plan is key. Yet these are not always easy to determine implement, especially on your own.


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  • Joie delivers lively, compelling, interactive, and information-packed presentations. She is a skilled speaker offering great content in a professional but warm and inviting style. Joie has a great sense of humor and offers just the right amount of interaction with her audience so they go away inspired and with practical tools to apply.


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  • Emotions: An Owner's Manual is a real world approach to Emotional Intelligence that will help you improve relationships, handle challenges with more ease, diminish stress, and empower your career and create greater success.

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