Joie Seldon Consulting & Coaching

The most successful companies are forward thinking. They are the ones who foster innovation and have a culture of engaged employees. Joie’s expert coaching and training can provide the support executives and managers on the way up need to succeed.

Helping companies to:

  • Mitigate crisis, employee turnover and unnecessary costs due to poor communication and team management.
  • Build a culture that inspires employee engagement and innovation.
  • Stay flexible enough to meet the demands of rapid change.
  • Increase revenues

Empowering executives, project managers and team leaders to . . .

  • Manage stress, and learn how to prevent stress buildup by dealing with issues when they are small, instead of letting them compound into a crisis situation.
  • Become great communicators who inspire and manage teams to deliver the goods on time through greater cooperation and accountability. (could expand on communication thing here.
  • Advance to executive levels through effective leadership skills.

Research shows that there is a direct correlation between mood, job satisfaction and productivity.

“When I came to Joie, I was afraid of getting fired because I thought I’d blow up one day from stress and frustration. Since working with her, I have learned to recognize my emotions as they arise, understand their message, and manage them. The benefits are amazing. When people around me are stressed out and drenched in politics, I am in awe of my new approach. I can sit in the midst of chaos, with a caring attitude but without drama touching me.” – Senior Project Manger (Tech Industry)


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