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  • Emotions: an Owner's Manual, a real-world approach to emotional intelligence which will help you

    • Access your innate wisdom and function at your highest level
    • Improve relationships
    • Diminish stress and handle challenges with more ease
    • Empower your career and create greater success

    Emotions: An Owner’s Manual is about the Universal Language which every human being shares. When you understand and speak this universal language, you will be able to converse through both words and actions with anyone, anytime, anywhere … to speak and live your truth in a manner respectful to others and without self-sacrifice.

    Higher Emotional Intelligence makes for higher profits - fact. More significantly, it greatly increases the quality of life and personal fulfillment of everyone who experiences it. Emotional Intelligence can be a tremendous resource for advancing your career, improving your personal relationships and creating more enjoyment in life.

    Emotions: An Owner's Manual will be available in both written and audio format. The book is full of practical, foundational information and simple exercises, processes and guided meditations that will bring emotional intelligence into your daily life in a way that lasts.

    Learn to harness your emotions as the powerful resource they are meant to be.

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